Wait, Rutgers Played Ohio State LAST Week? LOL


Did I SERIOUSLY miss a Rutgers game?

WTF is wrong with me?


I was LITERALLY 100% certain that LAST week was Rutgers’ bye week, and that they played Ohio State this week.

Apparently I’m wrong?


Actually, they played the Buckeyes last Saturday?

And lost 56-0?


I keep hitting refresh to see if this is actually true.

Like, how do you lose to Ohio State?

I feel like JT Barrett is getting worse as he gets older.


Also? Mike Weber had three rushing touchdowns?

That is SO 2016.

Seriously, are we sure this isn’t the box score from last year’s game?

The score is, like, actually identical.


That literally makes no sense whatsoever.

Well, my weekend plans are FUCKED.

I feel like it goes without saying that if Rutgers was playing Ohio State this weekend, we would definitely win.

Um, duh? Coming off a bye week?

If there’s one thing head coach Chris Ash knows how to do, it’s use bye weeks to his advantage.


ESPECIALLY since Jerry Kill joined the team?

Also, I feel like Ohio State did NOT even let us score last year.

Coach Ash was pissed!

Everyone is saying Ohio State’s rushing attack is so good.

JK Dobbins? LOL.

Also, DeOnte Roberts? (Rutgers’ returning starter at middle linebacker?)


Since I didn’t even watch the Rutgers/Ohio State “game”—seriously did it even happen or are you joking—I feel like I can’t say much about it.

BUT it must have been closer than the final score because I DEFINITELY think Johnathan Lewis—aka the future of Rutgers football?—would do better than three completions for 21 yards and two interceptions.


That’s super obvi.

(Love you boo!)

Wait, I better take all my Rutgers players out of my fantasy matchup.

No wonder I lost so bad last week!


Also this week isn’t looking much better…


Um, thanks Google Calendar!

Seriously, did it fuck up my birth control alarms too?


Thank you SO MUCH for reading, it means the world!