Darrell Hazell Hired by Wife as College Football Analyst

It was announced today that former Purdue coach Darrell Hazell will join his wife in the living room this season as a college football analyst.

“We’re very excited to welcome Coach Hazell back home to Cinnamonson Township, where he’ll be able to explain whether the players can see the first down line on the field,” Hazell’s wife, Annmarie, announced via Facebook post.

“Darrell’s keen analysis, exuberant personality, and deep knowledge of what channel the games are on will be an asset to our marriage on Saturdays.”

Hazell, who went 9-33 at Purdue, including just 3 conference wins, was fired last October.

“I’m excited to join my wife on game days this fall,” Hazell announced in a press conference. “Sometimes, Annmarie thinks the same thing just happened twice in a row. This season, I’ll be there to tell her it’s a replay.”

Pressed by reporters, Hazell denied rumors that former Purdue interim head coach Gerad Parker was in talks to join the household as babysitter for their son, Kyle.

Prior to coaching Purdue, Hazell was head coach of Kent State and a wide receivers coach at Ohio State.

A sinkhole opened on the front lawn of the Hazell property in an unrelated incident.