Wait, Is There EVEN a State Called Morgan? LOL!

OK, first of all, WHY have they still not fixed the score from the Rutgers/Eastern Michigan game?

Hello, RUTGERS had 16 points? And EMU 13?

I SERIOUSLY doubt Rutgers would lose to EMU.

Seriously, the Scarlet Knights played SO GOOD in that game. Did you even watch?

Gus Edwards was a BEAST.

Also, is Kyle Bolin not THE CUTEST quarterback in the Big Ten?

(Um, Brian Lewerke? Ew.)

OK, now that THAT’S done, we can talk about Morgan State.

Let’s start with the fact that I am REALLY CONFUSED.

Is Morgan even a state?


I literally do not understand how it is legal to say Morgan State University.

Um, Donald Trump?

Also, fun fact: Morgan State has not scored a single point this season.


Of course, I am starting every Rutgers player on my roster in fantasy this week.

I’m even playing Tariq Cole, who is on the offensive line. IDK but I feel like he might catch a tipped pass and run it in for a score.

Also, Fantrax has him classified as a tight end? LOL.

As for Rutgers defense, it’s literally going to be SO FUNNY.


Also, I had a friend named Morgan who turned out to be, like, completely dishonest?

bye bitch.

Finally, what Morgan are they EVEN talking about? Morgan Freeman?

omg I LOVE him.

Hey Morgan Freeman, don’t get mad when Rutgers SMOKES your team.


After Rutgers wins and they fix the score for the EMU game, it will be time for Rutgers to face NEBRASKA and Tanner Lee.


I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I feel like the name Tanner is SO trashy.

Thank you for reading, it means the world!

Xo, brook

Image via Kevin Coles/BY-NC 2.0 OMG THANK YOU!