Recruits React Candidly to Michigan’s 14-10 Loss to Michigan State

While the Michigan fanbase reacts with varying degrees of panic to the Wolverines’ 14-10 loss to rival Michigan State on Saturday, the good news is that the game was also a chance to host several big-name recruits in Ann Arbor. We caught up with them to see what they thought of the Big House experience.

Avery Adelson, four-star safety, Niles, OH

Michigan looks like a great place to squander my talent completely while trying to give relief to an incompetent offense.

James Garrett, five-star center, Deerfield, IL

So blessed to be able to take in the Big House—blessed by Cthulhu, that is.

Ken Bosaveta, five-star wide receiver, Naples, FL

What a great idea it was to hold a night game in a torrential downpour rain against your main rival and get humiliated on national television. I’d definitely want to take orders from  a spineless administration that kowtowed to every demand placed on it by broadcasters.

Warren Mays, four-star LB, Decatur, AL

Given the talent that was on the field, I could definitely see myself excelling for Michigan.

Nelson Aguilar, five-star cornerback, Raleigh, NC

I think the Jumpman sponsorship is great! Who doesn’t think of basketball when they think of Michigan athletics these days?

Kevin McCarthy, four-star QB (commit), San Mateo, CA

I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Brent Logan, four-star OT, Walton, GA

I can’t wait to watch this episode of Michigan football on Amazon from my dorm room at a significantly better school.

Ivan Juniricho, five-star DT, Dallas, TX

Coach Harbaugh actually tried to convince me that the final score was in Michigan’s favor. Said it with a completely straight face while cornering me in Michigan’s locker room. I’m pretty sure you look up sociopath and see his picture.

Henrick Tally, four-star QB, Wyomissing, PA

I definitely hope Michigan State offers me.

Luiz Fitzgerald, three-star RB, St. Louis, MO

Thanks so much for hosting me, Michigan—I can wait to come back!

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