Justin Jackson Record Watch: Week 2

The advanced-metric statheads, contrarians, and Illinois fans can all talk shit about Justin Jackson’s workmanlike approach or his lack of explosive plays, but we at The Fake Punt appreciate greatness, and we know it when we see it. We see you, JJ.

Durability is a skill and a blessing that’s overlooked in football. We seem to value the exploding star, burning hot and bright and extinguishing so fast, far more than we value the consistency — inevitability — of someone like Jackson. In his first three years, he rushed for 4,129 yards on an astonishing 855 carries. Now, you could, and many have, argued that anyone who carries the ball that many times should break records, but how many could carry the ball so many times for so many yards.

Argue all you want. We don’t care. We’re not arguing. We’re counting.

After another 100 yard game against Nevada, Jackson is…

>> 247 yards from tying the Damien Anderson’s Northwestern all-time rushing record

>>280 yards from entering the B1G’s all-time top 1G

>>802 yards from entering the B1G’s all-time top 5

>>1351 yards from 2nd all-time in B1G history

>>and a ludicrous 2,887 yards from matching Ron Dayne’s true bowl-included (fuck you, NCAA) all-time FBS rushing record

Image via Penn State/BY-NC-ND 2.0.