Previewing the Big Ten Network’s Lineup of New Fall Shows

This fall the Big Ten Network is branching out with new programming, and we have to say many of the rumored shows sound interesting. Here’s what we know so far.

Minnesota Twins: Laurence Maroney and Marion Barber star in this buddy comedy about fraternal twins/former football-players-turned-private detectives who go undercover in the Twin Cities in pursuit of the head of an Oxycontin drug ring. Glen Mason plays their hard-nosed- but- affectionate precinct captain. Variety had this to say: “Bryan Cupito charms as bumbling evidence technician Greg Goolsby.”

McQueary Eye For the Straight Guy: In this new reality series, former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary observes fashion crimes being committed, quietly tells his father and the university, but doesn’t report them to the fashion police.

The Spread: Fired as head coach at Arizona and given a diagnosis of dementia, Rich Rodriguez relives the nightmare of being unqualified for his exciting new gig after taking over a gambling operation run out of The Gila, a suburban Tucson strip club. TV Guide writes: “You will not recognize Steve Buscemi.”

Kill or Be Kill: Contestants selected at random from the Rutgers student population are presented with the choice of committing the cardinal sin of murder by transgressing against man and God, or living one day in the life of new offensive coordinator Jerry Kill.

Wes Lunt’s Best Hunts: In this outdoorsman’s series, the former Illinois QB takes viewers through his favorite hunting spots in Central Illinois. The show replaces O’Toole Time, a fix-it-up sitcom starring former Illinois QB Riley O’Toole, in the 5AM Saturday morning slot.

Sons of AnnArbor: Two feuding bike advocacy groups campaign for grant funding through the Ann Arbor city council’s getDowntown Initiative. Entertainment Weekly is calling Ron Perlman a “comic tour-de-force” as feckless Ann Arbor mayor Christopher Taylor.

Lloyd Carr Remembers “Frasier”: Former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr reminisces about the plots of his favorite episodes of the award-winning ‘90s sitcom starring Kelsey Grammar.

The Young and the Fleckless: This steamy soap opera, set at Western Michigan, is rumored to involve two wealthy groups of boosters as they search to replace their sexy departed head coach, who led them to impossible heights. (Programming note: This show is part of a one-hour daytime chunk the Big Ten must contractually devote to MAC-themed content.)


The Whole Kittle and Caboodle: Rapid-fire sports talk featuring former Iowa tight end George Kittle and Jeff Caboodle, his high-school friend who went to Des Moines Community College and transferred to Iowa State, as they run through the week’s headlines.

Roseanne: A mother and her brood weather economic insecurity while experiencing the growing pains of family. John Goodman plays the title character’s husband.



Everybody Loves Draymond, starring Draymond Green, which notched abysmal ratings.

To the Maxx, the weekly workout series starring former Minnesota TE Maxx Williams, has been shelved following an injury to Williams’ lower calf.


In Other News:

Michigan alum Lucy Liu signs on to the cast of Law and Order: PSU.